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After a massive storm thousands of starfish were stranded on a beach and a little girl, seeing them stranded, began to throw them back into the water one by one. As she did so an old man walked by.

"Little girl, little girl, can't you see there are thousands of starfish stranded. You'll never make a difference," he said.

"I can for this one," she replied, throwing another starfish back into the water.

 This is the philosophy of Ku-ring-gai Rotary.

There is need everywhere we look and sometimes the challenges seem too great but at Ku-ring-gai Rotary we have found that by rolling up our sleeves and getting involved through the Rotary network where every dollar goes where it's supposed to we can make a whole host of small differences and those small differences add up.


Ku-ring-gai Rotary approaches projects in two ways. One way is to raise money for on-going projects sponsored by Rotary but where we have no hands on involvement. Projects that we sponsor in this way include Polio Plus, Rotary Against Malaria and others.

The other way is to become directly involved. At its most practical we have built barbecue and play areas for Clarke Road School, refurbished computers for Eagles Raps and installed work partitions for Lifeline.

In the grand scheme of things our contributions are small, but we can, and have, made a difference to the lives of thousands. Join us so you can say, like that little girl, when asked if we really made a difference:

 "We did for this one."

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