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Annual Reports

NOTE: Some are included in Koongga (Weekly Newsletter) reports on Changeover Dinners - the change of committees annual dinner function held in June.

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Annual_Report_2015-16.pdf - exciting and vital club that is doing great things!

annualreport13.pdf - A most interesting insight into the many club activities during 2012-13. Well worth reading.

1112annualreport-body.pdf (PDF file - click to view within your Browser, Right-click to Download)
Includes report on the first Bobbin Head Cycle Classic

1112annualreport-body.doc (Word 2003 - cannot view Word docs in Browser, Right-click to save)

1112-report-frontcover.docx  (Word 2007)

annualRpt2010.pdf (PDF 2.3MB)

annualreport0809-koongga.pdf (PDF 1MB - includes photos and report on the 50th anniversary, Catholic Youth Festival, Eagles Raps, Garden Festival ...etc))

AnnualReport0506.pdf (PDF - Koongga 3 July 2006)


anualrpt04-05a.pdf - Clever Gardens of Tomorrow Expo, Sewing Machines for Indian ladies, etc

AnnualReport03-04.pdf (PDF - Koongga 5 July 2004)

annualreport0809.pdf (PDF - Koongga 5 July 1999) Includes: Home Rounders, Compaware (computer training for us), 40th Anniversary, beds for Neringah Hospital Wahroonga... and more


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