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Katuuso School in Uganda

Katuuso Primary and Vocational School in Uganda is the flagship project by School for Life. Mission:SchforLife300SchForLife-boy

"To break the cycle of poverty by building sustainable, productive and profitable communities beginning with quality education."

We can be proud of our part in getting electricity to the School. We helped provide solar power and a back-up generator which will help the school very significantly.

Katuuso is not only a primary school; it also produces chillies as a cash crop and as a way of helping local farmers learn better agricultural techniques.

Part of the first chilli crop.

Follow the link below to see more of this inspiring story.

Solar Power for Katuuso Primary and Vocational School

July 2013: Completion and commissioning of the solar power plant for Katuuso Primary and Vocational School in Uganda, set up by School for Life Foundation Australia.
Key benefits provided by the new plant are:

  • Increased efficiency of operations as computers, phones and printers can now be located at the school.
  • Increased hours of operation, due to night time lighting.
  • Improved water quality due to electronic filtration.
  • Improved nutrition of the school's feeding program due to refrigeration.
  • Increased security of the schoolthrough lighting.

Our club and other Rotary clubs contributed funds towards the project, which was fully funded with the help
of a 'matching grant' from the Rotary Foundation.
Full report and photos: report

Our Club's Way of Helping: by Having Fun...

Uganda-foodplateUganda-sweep2We held an 'International Night BBQ' at a member's home. Members each brought a plate of food to share - but we charged an admission fee.

Being Melbourne Cup Eve, it was an ideal opportunity to raise more funds as members were 'encouraged to invest' in a sweep.



Uganda-golfUganda-annabelleAnnabelle Chauncey
A competition for would-be golfers was held, with prizes for those who could hit a plastic golf ball into a ring floating in the pool.

We were fortunate that one of the School for Life founders, Annabelle Chauncy (right) was able to attend to receive the money raised.

A Win-Win for everyone involved!!

See School Photos on Flickr

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