Making a Difference!

starfishAfter a massive storm thousands of starfish were stranded on a beach and a little girl, seeing them stranded, began to throw them back into the water one by one. As she did so an old man walked by.
"Little girl, little girl, can't you see there are thousands of starfish stranded. You'll never make a difference," he said.
"I can for this one," she replied, throwing another starfish back into the water.

This is the philosophy Ku-ring-gai Rotary. The challenges locally and globally are huge, but by rolling up our sleeves and using the Rotary network which ensures every dollar goes where it's supposed to we can make a whole host of small differences and those small differences add up. For example, we assisted in the first East Timor Rotary Youth Leadership Program. One of our members helped oversee the first course in Dili. We also sent two young Australian volunteers to Uganda where, with the support of the local Rotary Club of M'kono they helped the local people build a much needed school.

"We can for this one."

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Making a difference...
through numerous projects for youth, schools and others in our local Community

These projects support and encourage young people and others in our local community, by 

  • sponsoring attendees at programs that improve life skills
  • encouraging and supporting achievers
  • recognising Pride of Workmanship in local business
  • sponsoring attendees at youth leadership & education programs


International projects ranging from helping to eliminate Polio from the world, to helping kids break the cycle of poverty through education


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