Logos and Images

NOTE: many Rotary logos and Guidelines for their use, including Rotary colours are available for download at:  https://brandcenter.rotary.org/en-GB

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Club Logo in PDF (for professional printing):


 Below: club logo 300px wide, jpeg format, on WHITE background

RC of Kuringgai logo white bckgnd 300

RI Theme 2021-2022:  T1819 EN


RCK logo white







Club logo 150px wide TRANSPARENT:

RCK logo trans150

Below: Club logo - transparent, white text, yellow wheel, for placement over a dark background (blue background will not show) 

RCK logo white

Rotary wheel wheel70.fw
 Rotary logo 120 px wide Rotarylogo Simple120
Rotary Logo 150px wide  Rotary logo150
Rotary wheel 300px wide rotarymoe rgb





Message stick: MessageStick
Koongga cover banner:  Koongga Cover Banner
Logo Gordon Markets:   logo markets new RI
ROCKET logo  rocket logo






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