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Rotary Awareness Function: Cocktail Party 19 July 2005

To avoid putting guests on their back foot by calling it a ‘Prospective Members Night’, the Rotary Club of Ku-ring-gai took a different approach. Local businesses were invited to a Cocktail Party to “Celebrate 100 years of Rotary service to the community”. It was held at a different venue (Lifeline, Gordon) from the normal meeting venue and was not conducted as a rotary meeting. Invitations offered the opportunity to relax in the company of other local businessmen and women and to see a short presentation on projects and donations made in our community and overseas by their local rotary club.

(NOTE. About 20 local business people attended, mostly real estate agents. It resulted in about one new member.)

celebrate-100yrs-with-us.doc (Invitation- celebrate 100 yrs of Rotary with us)

cocktail-party-ppt-v7.ppt - (PPT: Power Point presentation to attendees at the start of the 'net working' function. 3 min briefs given by about four Directors summarising projects in the four Avenues of Service)

ExamplesofProjects1999.pdf (PDF - examples of club projects in 2005 - a handout to Cocktail Party attendees)

cocktailpartyzonebrief.ppt (Briefing on the project given to 6 other rotary clubs in our local Zone after the event)

I_am_interested_in_rotary.doc - a form for attendees to complete

Marketing Flier 2007

Marketing-flier_RCK-_2007.doc Marketing Flier 2007, about 10,000 distributed locally

Club Marketing Plan 2005


Media Release 2004 

Media_Release_020704.doc - Paul Harris Fellow award to Lifeline CEO. With the addition of a photo, might be an aid to creating one today

Rotary is...

Rotary_is.doc - How we described rotary in 2004 - four pages of 'quotes' from various sources attempting to answer the question. 

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