Exchange Student Do's and Don'ts


Youth Exchange Program involves people who volunteer their time, effort & personal expense. Don’t give them any reason to doubt why they should continue.

Show Appreciation for and an interest in everything you encounter - otherwise the lake may quickly dry up.


Display proper manners, politeness and etiquette - including the simple ‘thank you’ and ‘please’.

Do not expect those around you to be your servant - offer to look after your own needs, or at least help

Show you are interested in learning all you can about your new country, city, neighbourhood, host family - ask questions.

LISTEN if someone talks to you. Do not turn the conversation around to yourself.

Do not show ‘coldness’ to anyone - it is very contagious & could lead to you being left out in the cold.

Host Family

It is the LITTLE things that will ‘bug’ people about a visitor in their house.

Ask - ask - ask, about the rules of the household - helping in the kitchen, table, laundry, cleaning, your washing.

Don’t expect your hosts to do everything for you.

Always say ‘thank you’ for the little things.

Keep your room tidy - bed made every day, towels hung up to dry.

Keep on the lookout for ways you can contribute & help.

Show an interest in members of their family

Always say ‘good night’ before going to bed.
Do not disappear to your room without explaining why.

Always plan ahead & discuss IN ADVANCE with your hosts, outings etc - and in particular any request to be driven somewhere. Remember to say ‘thank you’ - otherwise it may be the last!





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