Door Team Instructions


iPad CODE: 1 2 3 4 5 6            SQUARE LOGIN: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Password: Rotary1959!3
Download a copy of this article:      SQUARE_INSTRUCTIONS-Jul23.pdf 

  • PRINT a copy of Attendance email, to mark attendance manually if preferred - and enter to Website later
  • if the Ipad has been recently used at Bunnings BBQ, it may still be linked to the 2nd Square, AND payments may go to the Project Account.

To Change settings for payments to go to General Account.

While in the Square App – to UNPAIR Bluetooth connection to the BBQ reader and connect to Door Team reader (no. 6004):
SELECT “≡ More” - Settings – Hardware – Square Reader – on the RIGHT end of the row the Contactless & Chip ‘reader’ is displaying, and select the END of the row, then ‘Forget this Reader’
To connect the Door Team’s reader:
Select Settings - Hardware – Square Reader – “Connect a Reader”
Press & hold the little button on side of the Reader until 4 Orange lights flash
Press ‘Pair’ when prompted. If successful:
SELECT “≡ More” - then “Switch Location”
If “RCK General a/c” is displaying – select it to make payments go to that a/c
If “RCK PROJECT a/c” is showing – press X to escape, as it means payments are already set to go to General a/c
SELECT “Checkout” – Library – Dinner Meeting Payment (or BBQ)
Select $30 - then blue button: “charge $30” - see Green light on reader - tap card
To CANCEL a selected amount – select the 3 dots … top right – Clear Items

TO SWAP iPad view of Square to access WEBSITE ATTENDANCE

Press Home button of R side of Ipad
SELECT ‘compass’ (internet) icon at bottom
On club website select LOGIN
SELECT “Use Doorteam” to auto-fill the password
Tick “[ ] I am not a robot”
(if stuck either login as yourself, or use:
Username: “doorteam” Password: “DoorTeam2”)
From ‘Members Start Page’ SELECT ‘Door Team’ – should open on Payments Page Select a name – select PAID – scroll down – SAVE
To SWAP back to Square – press HOME button - Square


iPad–Open SQ App. (if blue screen with [Create A/c] or [Sign in] displays, you are LOGGED OUT of the iPad):
• Click [Sign in] – then password for iPad: 1 2 3 4 5 6
• Check if connected to WPBC WiFi (WBC 1415C, pword: 6CC5A094A5 )
• SELECT the SQUARE icon (bottom of screen).
If already logged in – TO CONNECT READER (by Bluetooth)
• SELECT ‘More’ – Settings – Hardware – Square Reader - ‘Connect a Reader’
• Press and hold side button on Square until ORANGE lights flash– Select ‘Pair’ then green will display if connected.
If Unsuccessful:
• Select ‘More’ (bottom-right) – Settings – Hardware – Square Reader
• If a reader is listed, Click on it and SELECT ‘[Forget this Reader] Press RED ‘Forget this Reader’ – (‘Disconnected’ will show)
• SELECT ‘Square Reader’ – ‘Connect a Reader’ - press & hold little side button until ORANGE lights flash – then select ‘Pair’
Still Unsuccessful? – in iPad Bluetooth Settings disconnect All readers:
• In iPad, press Home button - SELECT ‘Settings’ – Bluetooth
• SELECT ‘i’ icon against a reader – SELECT ‘Forget this Device’ (twice, including RED)
• Repeat for 2nd reader if listed
• TURN OFF Bluetooth – and turn BACK ON (confirm that NO readers are showing)
• OPEN Square App - SELECT ‘More’ - Settings – Hardware – Square Reader – ‘Connect a Reader’ - Press & Hold little button until Orange lights – then watch for ‘Pair’ to show on iPad – select it
To confirm payments will go to either GENERAL or PROJECT account
• select ‘More’ (bottom-right) – ‘Switch Location’ – under the heading ‘Select Location’ is displayed the OTHER bank account – select it if you want to change to other bank a/c

Still not Connected? (log OUT of Square a/c & log in again)

• SELECT ‘More’ – ‘Sign out of Ku-ring-gai Rotary’
• SELECT ‘Sign in’ – (on iPad select grey area ‘password for…’ – then 123456) – or see top of this page
• Select ‘Checkout’ (bottom-left) – ‘Library’ (top) - ‘Dinner Meeting’ or ‘BBQ’
• Select item/$30 payment/Sausage – then Blue Button [Charge $amount]
• TO CANCEL a sale – select 3 dots icon (top-right) – then ‘Clear items’